Hello 👋 I am Larry

I am a DeFi developer at Delphi Labs

✅ Open source contributions
Mars is a lending/borrowing protocol: Hub blockchain, Hub smart contracts, Fields of Mars, cw-asset library
Steak is a liquid staking derivative for Cosmos SDK chains: contracts, webapp, multiquery
✅ Contents
How to run a validator for Cosmos chains, SparkIBC, June 25, 2022
A generalized credit protocol utilizing Mars lending market, Mars protocol forum, June 24, 2022
An overview of a potential Mars Hub architecture, Mars protocol forum, May 31, 2022
How to do CosmWasm integration tests, Terra Spacecamp 2021, Aug 24 2021
✅ Validator operation

I operate validators and IBC relayers for Axelar and Osmosis networks